Episode 16

Mrs. Magnolia Hampton - Black Man's Burden ch. 8 Discussion


February 15th, 2024

14 mins 21 secs

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About this Episode

In this discussion of Chapter 8 with Mrs. Magnolia Hampton, a former English professor at Utica, she highlights the historical resonance of the chapter, emphasizing the community support that eventually rallied behind the development of Utica Junior College. The conversation delves into Holtzclaw's strategic approach in seeking financial aid from northerners, particularly acknowledging the crucial role played by individuals like Mr. F. B. Ginn and Mrs. Mary Clement Leavitt. The dialogue connects the challenges faced by Holtzclaw in the early 20th century with the current need for HBCUs like Utica to actively seek support beyond their immediate communities, drawing parallels between historical struggles and the present efforts to maintain and enhance the institution's legacy.

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